Why do I Need an Event Planner in Tampa

5 Reasons Why You Need an Event Planner!

When planning an event, hiring a professional event planning company is a good idea. They usually have most of the assets for a corporate or social event and always know what to expect and where to source supplies at discounted prices.

Blessed Creations is the best event-planning company in Tampa. We are a unique company for weddings and events. Our team works throughout the week, and you can contact us at any time for your event.

In addition, we take a personalized approach to event planning and are committed to making your event enjoyable, memorable, and everything you ever dreamed! It is our ultimate honor and blessing to serve you. Please contact us today to enjoy the following benefits:

Less Stress

An excellent full-service event planning company in Tampa will ensure you accomplish your tasks before and during the event.

Access to Vendors

Having an event will require you to buy many different products. A good corporate event planning company in Tampa knows the right vendors. They can easily find the best birthday party rentals and wedding decor for you at discounted prices.

A Good Handle on Details

Most event planning companies will have a good handle on all the details. This makes it easy for the event to come together quickly, right before your eyes.

Quick Solutions to Problems

Problems can quickly arise when planning a corporate event in Tampa. A good event planning company can offer help, support, and advice to resolve any arising issue.

Excellent Expertise

Good event planning companies always know the areas they work in and can offer the best guidance on the products you will use. Moreover, they know the best venues.


Blessed Creations Event Planning Company

At Blessed Creations, We are highly experienced in planning weddings, birthday parties, graduation parties, and any other event you wish to have. This is what makes us the best event-planning company in Tampa. Here’s what we have on offer;

Full Planning 

This package is perfect for a client who wants professional event planning in Tampa from start to finish. We shall take care of everything so you can enjoy your beautiful event.

It costs 2800$ for complete event planning. Click here to book.

Day of Coordination Service

This package is for clients who plan all the event details but only require a coordinator. We shall finalize the details the month prior, execute your hard work, and bring your event’s vision to life. The cost for coordination at our event planning company in Tampa is 1250$, and the packages include; before wedding plan and the day of the wedding plan.

Click here to book the day of coordination package.

Unique Party Rentals

Blessed Creations is your one-stop shop for your special event needs. We shall find the right venue for your event and provide you with unique party rentals. Our arrangements and furniture are top-quality. The unique party rentals package includes the following:

  • Best arches for your special event, which includes 14 items. Two items for lighting packages, designer tables, charger plates, table clothes that spice up your event, and magical florals for your party décor rental in Tampa.
  • Unique wedding chair rentals in Tampa, which include 15 items.
  • Professional catering services and outdoor equipment for your party rentals in Tampa.

To learn more about these rental packages, contact us today @ tel:8135047922.