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You’re Soon Going To Bring Your Dream Wedding To Life!

Can’t wait to get started with the love of your life? We feel you! But first things first. Your wedding day is one of the best days of your life. It’s more than a suit and white-gown day, but one that signifies your love and union forever. As such, if you have to turn the tables upside down to make the most of it, be our guest!

Looking for wedding venues nearby? At Blessed Creations, we are all about giving you a unique experience. We believe in a wedding celebration that speaks to the inner you. So whether you prefer a rustic chic, boho, beach, or classic wedding, our job is to make it happen. Unsure about the ideal venue for your big day? We have some tips below.


On To The Hunt For Wedding Venues Near Me In Tampa FL?

Is the clock ticking? Know how to plan your wedding in as little as six months. Answer these few questions and read on for tips that foster your dream wedding.


What was special about your first date?

Following trends is great, but that is better left to your home décor. Sit down with your lover and determine the key components that make you a couple. Trends fade after a few years, so ask yourself a few questions. Was your first date at a fancy hotel like most? Or was it a little special with horseback riding, for instance? With the latter, a ranch-style wedding couldn’t be more perfect. The vintage-cum-classic look seems ideal for most couples. Then opt for a romantic glow with modern chandeliers and bistro lights in the reception to show everyone some love.


Do you have a favorite vacation as a couple?

Most travel buddies have a few of those. If you would happily settle on beach destinations, a beach wedding it is. Come to think of it, what’s not to love with blue skies, white sands, and a cool ocean breeze? With this option, you better get ready for the best photo opportunities. These places often come with freebies like dramatic cliffs to make the most of the wedding photo album.

  • The décor

The wedding venue should be perfect, no doubt. But you can’t underestimate the power that décor can do to any venue. Many take the time to choose the wedding décor, and it makes sense to want to make it to the ‘weddings of the year’ list. Still, it’s more important to make it about you and a reflection of your emotions and feelings. And when the puzzle gets tougher, you can always go with a simple background setting for your ceremony and reception. Contemplating the classic wedding style? You could never go wrong with white florals, lush greenery, and minimal décor items.

  • The invitation

This should give your guests a hint of the wedding theme. It’s okay to want to go the extra mile and stand out with your invitation, but achieving a timeless look is the way to go. Opt for a classic color palette such as white and navy, and choose Bodoni, Garamond, or Minion for your fonts. Most importantly, the design should be readable. Not shiny yet too faint for the readers.

  • The dress

Let’s face it; it’s always about the dress. Trendy bridal attire may be intriguing now, but it will quickly date your wedding in a few years. The thumbs rule is a classic white gown, a romantic white veil, and then finalized with the ‘you’ touch. The fabric is also crucial, and lace, chiffon, and silk have long had a permanent spot in the wedding scene. The secret is they adapt to any wedding setting and give gorgeous photos. Tips for choosing a wedding dress could go a long way.

Hunting for wedding venues near me in Tampa, FL? Blessed Creations connects you to various options that make your childhood wedding a reality. We look forward to a sit down with you to put the two and twos together to create the bigger picture that speaks to your style, personality, and preference. We pay attention to the small and large details since they matter to you. Planning to tie the knot soon? Contact us today, and we will be honored to make it a day you will never regret!