Top Priorities to start Planning your Wedding!

Congratulations! You just got engaged! We are so thrilled for you and your partner to start the amazing journey of dreaming your life together. You’ve popped some bubbly, told your friends, family and loved ones, so now what?

We believe these TOP PRIORITIES for getting started with wedding planning will make the whole process a little less cloudy and a lot more fun!

PRIORITY #1: CHOOSE YOUR DATE: You and your partner take your time to come up with a date for your wedding so it can be put onto the calendar. The date of your wedding can affect various factors such as who can make it, time of year (rainy season, cold, busy season at work, etc…), if certain vendors are available ( if you are set on a venue for example), as put on an article on “Do you have a season you like best? Any major holidays, birthdays, busy times of year to avoid?” Just remember to choose a date that is most convenient to the both of you and the rest will follow. This is also important to figure out a date because it can help with budgeting (major holidays and weekends are on high demand and those dates tend to cost more to book).

PRIORITY #2: DECIDE YOUR BUDGET: This tends to be the most stressful part for most couples: With the rising costs of living in the state of Florida the average cost per guest is $241 ($15,936 total cost of Florida weddings). That doesn’t mean it can’t be lower or higher its just an average cost in our state. This is an estimate from Value Penguin (of Lending Tree Many factors combine to determine the cost of a wedding, including the size/ location of the venue, the number of guests, the food and entertainment — not to mention additional costs that are up to the wedding party’s preferences… so the more time you have the easier it can be for building your budget.

PRIORITY #3: DETERMINE YOUR DESIRED MAX AMOUNT OF GUESTS: This part can be a little personal because not only does it affect your budget but it can be emotionally tied to your wedding. This can affect the couple because sometimes the bill is paid by a family member (honestly I’m talking about parents of the couple) who want to invite folks the couple may not even know. This can be tough when the other person is paying because they may feel like the ones in control. Couples need to have set expectations by having tough conversations with those folks. I always suggest to let the other person know that you are appreciate their wedding gift and honored to have the giving person (with significant other) at your wedding only. Basically, you are telling them that they are a “silent partner” only so they have no say in anything else in the wedding (I know it’s easier said than done).

• PRIORITY #4: CHOOSE THE ESSENTIAL VENDORS FIRST: If you ask any vendor, they will say they are essential to any wedding but let’s be honest not all are mandatory. We have come up with the essential vendors to any wedding: Officiant, venue, caterer, rentals (includes décor), DJ (any means of music services), photographer, and make up artist (a professional should be here because of your wedding pics). Without saying there are ways to cut this list even further but brings on many more responsibilities onto the shoulders of an already stressed couple. Please note that if you are trying to replace a vendor by using a “friend” make sure that your “friend” is a professional vendor for that particular job. At my wedding my “friends” were too busy having fun so work was way out of the question (especially if they already had a far trip to make it to the wedding).
Of course, there are more priorities than the ones listed above, we just wanted to share the few we believe bring most stress to couples in the hopes they will help ease the anxiety that tends to be inevitable when planning a wedding. We hope that by tackling these wedding planning priorities first you will find the process much easier and fun to bare.