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Curly Willow Sashes (Dusty Rose)

Curly Willow Sashes (Dusty Rose)


– 2 per chair
The combination of the delicate chiffon and the natural beauty of the willow sashes will make your chairs stand out with their unique and captivating appeal. You can further embellish the hoods and sashes with floral accents, ribbons, or buckles to highlight the cascading beauty and create a personalized touch for your event decor.

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Product Information:

Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your event with our exquisite Curley Willow Sashes Dusty Rose. These stunning chair accessories are the perfect choice to enhance your wedding chair decor or elevate any special occasion. The dusty rose color exudes a sense of romance and charm, creating a captivating ambiance that will leave your guests in awe.

Product Detail:

Quantity: 1 Hood/Sash Combo
Material: Chiffon Fabric
Color: Dusty Rose

Curly Sash

  • Length: 32″
  • Strands Count: 6
Designer Chiffon Sash Length: 6.5ft
Width: 1.8ft

Additional information

Weight 0.00 kg
Dimensions 0.00 × 0.00 × 0.00 cm
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